About Us

Our Mission 

511 Productions specializes in Creative Design. We develop each customers vision beyond their expectation.

Our Promise

We deliver top quality product with top quality customer service.

Our Essence

At 511 Productions, we make MAGIC! We dream it, and then do it- together- everyday- reinventing whats possible.



Olandera Dunn is a self-motivated entrepreneur who is making a difference with her creative and positive energy as a Marketing Specialist, Event Manager, and Creative Designer. During her career, Olandera has worked in special events for both state and nonprofit agencies, sales, marketing, and radio production.
After 5 years of perfecting her craft, Olandera founded 511 Productions on May 11, 2016 after her best-friend, grandmother, & guardian angel- the late Vera Lee Hawkins.
Besides managing her company, Olandera works for Central Moloney, Inc. where she heads all marketing efforts to enhance the companies brand. Olandera is a graduate of Henderson State University in which she holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Mass Media and Communications. She resides in Pine Bluff, AR with her daughter Brooklyn. Olandera has a passion for life and enjoys being mommy, traveling, cooking, shopping, and spending time with family and friends. 
Olandera says "her goal in life, both personally and professionally, is to make a difference everyday and put a smile on another person's face... and then end the day with a smile on her own".